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alex centrella on Mauritania #12
lots of energy in this amazing shot ...

Curly on Mauritania #12
These are great travel pictures, so good to see a new part of the world here in AM3.

Hiro on Mauritania #12
They look happy. Nice shot.

Visualaccent on Mauritania #21
Superb, I love her facial expression and light distribution.

Lydia.Dd on Mauritania #11
Un beau portrait plein de tendresse .

Mamyni on Mauritania #11
¡ Mucha ternura en esta imagen! ¡ Una foto soberbia!

acm on Mauritania #13
Gorgeous! The woman is stunning.

Curly on Mauritania #13
This is fabulous travel photography!

London Caller on Mauritania #13
You captured her eyes!

DIMITRIOS on Mauritania #13
cool, maybe just crop out the lady only and make it to a pure portrait.

amateuRobert on Sahara #56
Csak nem Kadhafi testÅ‘rsége ?

Tim on Sahara #9
ominous feeling here. well captured moment :)

MARIANA on Sahara #9
wonderful image .

Curly on Sahara #9
Nice shot, everything looks uncomfortable in the heat.

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